Every so often on this blog, I will review or give a summary from books I have recently read.  Today, I want to talk about a book called, “Recreatable” by Kevin Scott.

You can go here and buy it: CLICK HERE TO BUY RECREATABLE


Kevin writes regularly on his blog at: KevinScottWrites.Com

Recreatable is about what the subtitle says: “How God Heals The Brokenness of Life”.  I love how he talks about human brokenness and then shows the reader how to allow God to heal them.  Going beyond legalistic disciplines that promise hope and happiness or a higher standing with God, Kevin reveals a fresh look at discipleship that revolves around just “being”.

Each chapter ends with “Personal Reflection” questions as well as “Next Steps”.  Kevin’s approach to holiness is freeing while also holding to strong biblical truth.

In this book, you go from realizing your brokenness and sinfulness before a holy God while knowing that God is moving us to a life that can be new and full, thus we are “Recreatable”.  Instead of starting over, God through Jesus chooses to “recreate” us.

On page 117, we get a true reality about hope:

“Hope is more than a wish, desire, dream, or goal.  We cannot just conjure up hope from within.  Like faith, genuine hope is a gift from God.”

He goes on to write about how the Christian life is built on “promise”.  When we hold to these promises, we truly “be” who or what God wants us to “be”.

The last few pages of the book tell the reader how to move beyond the “guilt driven” model of just “soulwinning” and gives a fresh approach to being on mission with God in this world that leads people to follow His Son, Jesus.

I recommend you read this book.  I recommend you walk in the “recreatable” status.  Through Jesus we are “new creations”.  We do have hope!

The Christian lifestyle that Kevin Scott gives us in this book is as he puts it: Sustainable!



Prepare For A EPIC Easter!!


Hello Vertical Church,

Get ready!  It’s coming!

This Sunday, April 20th, at 9:30AM and 11:00AM we will have our EASTER SERVICES!!!

Who have you invited????

We are praying for many people to say “Yes” to Jesus on Sunday!!! Pray with us!!


Get here early and check your kids in!!

Scoot into the middle of the rows inside the auditorium!

Be prepared for overcrowding- and Praise God for it!!

Be prepared to give up your seat and stand!!

Pray for Life CHANGE to happen!!

It is going to be an EPIC EASTER!!

Stop right now and pray for that person you want to invite! Then invite them today to attend a service with you!!

Who knows, they may say “Yes” to Jesus!!!

See You On EASTER Sunday,

Pastor Jason


10 Days From Easter Sunday!


Hello Vertical Church,

We are 10 Days away from Easter Sunday @VerticalChurch!  It is going to be EPIC!!!

This Sunday I will be talking about your “Next Step” to take in our “One” Series!

Also on Sunday, we will be receiving Communion- Do NOT miss it!!

4 Things To Do To Prepare For Easter in 10 Days- April 20th, 9:30AM and 11AM:

1.  Pray For A GREAT Number of People To Start Following Jesus On Easter @ Vertical:  Start praying today for Easter Sunday that people would follow Jesus with their lives in Salvation!! Pray for people you know who do NOT know Jesus yet to come that day and give their lives to Jesus.

2.  Ask God Who He Wants You To Invite: Stop right now and ask Jesus to lay on your heart who He wants you to invite to Easter Services @ Vertical!  Who is it?

3.  Ask God to Open The Door and Give You The Courage To Invite That Person: Write down their name.  Pray for them and pray that God would help you to invite them.

4.  Invite Them to Attend A Service With You On Easter @ Vertical Church:  You can pray all day, but eventually Jesus wants you to ACT!  Go, invite, and ask them to come with you!  Do NOT hesitate.  Spread the WORD!  Let’s make this the day that many people far from God become the hands and feet of Jesus!!

Will you join me in doing this?  Get going, you got 10 days… Starting….. NOW!!! Go!!

Pastor Jason



Hello Vertical Church,

We start a brand new series this Sunday called, “The One”.

- Who is The “ONE”?

- What are our “Next Steps” as we live for the audience of “The One”?

This Series will lead us right into EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 20TH!!!





See You On Sunday,

Pastor Jason

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9 Things The Vertical Church Can Praise God For… 2


9 years ago this week, we held our Grand Opening Service as a church!

So I thought I would start this week with a call to all of you to stop and praise God for these 9 things from the last 9 years:

1.  By the grace of God, 978 people have made decisions to follow Jesus in 9 years through our Sunday services! I have to stop and tell you this is what we are all about: We exist so that people far from God can become the hands and feet of Jesus!!

2.  By the grace of God, we have baptized 436 people in 9 years! Our first year, we baptized 1 person!  We celebrated that one person!!  We are still celebrating today- Just yesterday, we baptized 37!!

3.  By the grace of God, we have on average almost 600 people coming on Sundays! I praise God that from 54 that first Sunday 9 years ago, down to 18 three months later, then taking 4 years to gather 100, we are now seeing growth like never before!

4.  By the grace of God, we have 244 people serving on a regular basis in ministries at The Vertical Church! This is the first step we ask people to take after they have been coming for a while and want to connect to the church.

5.  By the grace of God, we have seen people give sacrificially and systematically of their finances weekly to get us to where we are now!  Where your treasure is there your heart is also!

6.  By the grace of God, we have 13 Life Groups that meet weekly!  This is an area we are asking God to continually grow.  We want to see people connected to The Vertical Church through serving and at the same time, growing together in a Life Group.  But, we must praise God for these groups!

7.  By the grace of God, we purchased our building in September of 2013! I praise God for those who give weekly to help us pay for this building. I praise God for the great price He gave this building to us for!

8.  By the grace of God, we have touched literally thousands of lives with random acts of kindness throughout our city! We used to keep count of this.  However, it became too difficult.  But we praise God for the countless acts of kindness in 9 years!

9.  By the grace of God, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!  As we enter our 10th year as a church, I am convinced that God is going to do through us more than we could ever think or imagine!!

Would you stop right now and praise God for all He has done and will do!!

Who Else Is Not Ashamed?

not ashamed shirt

Unlike my wife, when I get dressed in the mornings, I do not have my clothes already laid out.  As I looked into my closet this morning,  my eyes fell on my “Not Ashamed” t-shirt!  I immediately thought of the:


Then I wondered, “Who Else Is Not Ashamed?”

Those getting baptized this Sunday are saying by their action that they are “Not Ashamed” of the gospel and how Jesus has changed their lives through their faith in Him.

What about you?  There is still time to sign up!  You can email me at: Pastor@theverticalchurch.com right now and let me know!

We will be baptizing after each service outside in a swimming pool!  It’s going to be EPIC!

So I decided to wear the shirt today!

If you have a “Not Ashamed” shirt, would you wear it sometime this week?  As you wear it, post a selfie wearing the t-shirt on Instagram or Facebook with the caption: “I am Not Ashamed of the gospel of Jesus! Join me this Sunday at The Vertical Church 9:30 and 11AM!”

Will you do that?  If you will, tag me in it: @jasontayloryuma on Instagram and Jason Taylor on Facebook! Or you can post it on The Vertical Church’s Facebook wall at: The Vertical Church

Let’s do this!!  Spread the WORD!  Let the world know you are NOT ASHAMED by inviting people to join us this Sunday at The Vertical Church!

See You On Sunday,

Pastor Jason


3 Ways To Be A More Generous Person With Your Finances


If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, then generosity is an attribute that, I believe, God wants us to develop and grow.

Think about it: God was so GENEROUS that He gave us His Son, Jesus! Jesus was generous by laying down His life.  As we put our faith in Jesus, we are saying that that we are following Him.  Following Him means becoming more and more generous.

We can be generous in many areas of our life; however, the number one area that we come up lacking in is being generous with our finances.  Most people want to give, help people out, or support their local church more.  But, many of us would say we cannot because of our other financial obligations or our simple lack of funds.

The number one fear that we must face when we start to become more generous with our finances is: 


Let’s face it, we fear we will not have “enough” money if we give out to some cause, person, or church.  We feel like we already have limited funds so there is no way to stretch that out to others.  Or, we fall for the lie that says, “When I make more money, then I will be more generous”.

So with that said, here are some practical ways to start being a more generous person with my finances:

1.  Live Within Your Means:  Most of our problems come from spending more than we make.  Living within your means will cause you to have to strategically think about what to drop from your monthly expenses.  For example, do you really need to pay $75-$100 to your cable company.  If you cannot pay your electric bill, water bill, or even give a portion of your income back to God, then maybe you need to cut some luxury out that really is not a need.  This starts with a “Budget”!  A budget is simply a monthly plan to tell your money where to go, so that it just doesn’t go!

2.  Make A Plan On Paper To Get Out Of Debt: One of the biggest pay raises that you will ever get will be when you get out of debt and start using that money for your monthly expenses and more generosity.  Your plan may take 1 year or 5 years, or 8 years or more.  The time doesn’t matter, what matters is that you make a plan and start working that plan.  I do not have the space or time to go into detail on how to do this.  I suggest you sign up for a “Financial Peace University” class.  This will be one of the best investments you will ever make! At The Vertical Church, we offer this class 2-3 times a year.  This has helped our people become more generous and get out of debt more than anything we have ever done!

3.  Start Giving Somewhere, Somehow: At The Vertical Church, when I teach about giving and being generous, I always give people an opportunity to start somewhere, somehow.  I say things like, “Become a percentage giver!”.  Pick a percentage and start there.  If you are already giving, then pray and plan on raising that percentage.  At the first of this year, we had over 100 people sign up for a 90 day Giving Challenge.  They said, for the first 90 days, I will become a “first fruit percentage giver back to God of my finances”.  People’s faith has grown more than anything I have ever seen.  There is a lie that says, “When I make more money, then I will give.”  The truth is that if you do not give and become generous when you are making $100 a month, you will not be generous if you are making $10,000 a month!  Generosity and giving of our finances is a heart issue.  So while you work on #1 and #2, start giving somewhere, somehow!  Do it at the same time as you work your plan and get out of debt.

What are some things you would add to this list?  

How have you experienced financial freedom and grown in your generosity?  



What’s The Status Of The Book I’m Writing?

writing a book imageI told you when I announced that “I Signed A Book Contract” that I would keep you updated on the progress! So here is the first of many installments.

First of all, to write 35,000 words is a lot for me!  But here is the current time table I am looking at:

1.  Complete the 35,000 words by the end of May - So far I am at 15,290 words!!!  After I turned in my proposal back in October last year, I continued to write on the book.  The publisher took about 16 weeks to get back to me!  So during that time, I did a little bit of writing.  So write now, I am starting chapter 7!

2.  Turn in the manuscript at the end of May- After I complete the 35,000 word manuscript, I will turn it in to the publisher.  They will then begin the editing process with me. This, I am sure, will take a lot of time!  I do NOT claim to be a professional writer, nor am I the best at grammar!  But that is their job.  They are to help me make the message of the book better.  I am perfectly fine and humbled by all of this.

3.  Continue little by little to write the remaining 19,710 words- To meet my completed manuscript goal, I have a little over 2 months.  So I will chop away at it day by day, word by word.

The NUMBER ONE question I get is: When will it be published? 

Answer: We do NOT have an exact date.    I have until October to finish the manuscript, so I hope to be way ahead of schedule by finishing by June 1.  However, publishers publish many works.  So there is an editing process, graphic design, and marketing plans that have to be finished.  Not to mention, making sure it is released at a good time.  So hang on!  Join me on this journey.  Pray for me, I need it!

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From this email list, I will be asking people to join my “Street Team” as the book is launched to help get the word out!  


You Do NOT Have To Wait Until Sunday!!


I have had this conversation many times:

I really love The Vertical Church and what God is doing here!  How do I get connected to the church?”

Maybe you have been having that same question roll around in your head.  If so, here is the answer:


“First Step” what is that?

Your “First Step” at The Vertical Church is to get connected by serving in a ministry!


But you do NOT have to wait until Sunday!!!  You can do this right now!

Email us: Info@theverticalchurch.com RIGHT NOW!!!  We will have a Connection Expert get in touch with you!

Easter is 5 Sundays away!!!


Why? Because Jesus calls us to be His hands and feet, and we can do that through serving in the church!  When we serve, we make a difference in someone else’s life that leads them to a relationship with Jesus.

Come on!  Will you be the first of the 40? 

See You On Sunday,

Pastor Jason

P.S.  The second question is: “How do I become a member?”.  We call “members” at The Vertical Church- Gospel Planters!  A Gospel Planter is a person who has taken their First Step and got connected through serving and has been serving for at least 3 months.  After serving for 3 months, you are invited to the “Gospel Planter Orientation” and taught about what it means to have the gospel planted in you and then planting that gospel in your family, friends, and neighborhood!  But, the First Step is to get connected through serving! So let me know where you would like to get Connected!


Creating Intimacy In Your Marriage

ringsLast night, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of Pastors in Mexico at a Pastor’s School.  The topic they gave me to talk about was “Intimacy With Your Spouse”.  Since I was talking to a group of Pastors, my talk was geared to those in ministry.  However, I believe this can apply to all of us in ministry or not.  Here are my notes:


The tendency in ministry is to go so fast and get so busy that we neglect the most important ministry- Our Marriages!

UnHEALTHY Alignment of Priorities:

  1. God
  2. Ministry
  3. Spouse
  4. Kids

This seems to be the norm.  So our spouse and kids get the leftovers.  This is unhealthy and will lead to unhealthy marriages and families.  This kills intimacy.

Healthy Alignment Of Priorities:

  1. God
  2. Spouse
  3. Kids
  4. Ministry


The first church you pastor is your home.  We must make a decision to put our spouse and family before our ministry.  It has to be intentional and everyday.

Verse: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”John 10:10

The enemy is out to steal, kill, and destroy your marriage!!  Or anything in your life.  But Jesus has come to give you life.  He came to give you abundant life and this includes your marriage.

Just because you are in ministry, you do not get a “pass” from God that says: “I am too busy doing the work of the Lord to work on my marriage, so God will just have to take care of it”.  This is a lie from the enemy!

Remember what God said: “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24

There is this idea of becoming “one flesh”.  This is intimacy.


Here are 3 intentional ways to help create more intimacy in your marriage:

1.  I must have intentional FACE TIME with my spouse

You must set aside time everyweek, and if possible daily where you and your spouse have face time with one another.  You have to talk and communicate.

What do you talk about?  You do NOT talk about the ministry!!  You talk about your life as a couple, family, kids, dreams, plans, and goals.  This is the time that you find out the deepest fears and longings of one another.

2.  I must be intentional with my WORDS.

Remember your words are like missiles.  Once a missile is launched there is no bringing it back.  So the damage is already done.  Men especially need to watch how they talk to their wives.  You cannot talk to your wife the same way you talk to other men.

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Colossians 3:12

Sometimes we treat the people we are ministering to better than we treat our own spouse.  This is NOT right!!

3.  I must be intentional with my TOUCH

Immediately, many of you just thought of sex!  While sex is a very important part of marriage and intimacy, it does not just start and end in the bedroom.

Sex is an all day affair.  The way you treat one another, the way you touch throughout the day (not necessarily in a sexual way, but holding hands, and kissing throughout the day, hand on the back, etc..)

Men, your wife needs to know that you love her and want to touch her and hug her and kiss her and hold her hand, not just because you want to have sex with her, but because you care for her and you cherish her!!

Some men never touch their wives outside of the bedroom.  This is not intimacy!!

Women, understand that your husband needs you to admire him.  You are proud of him.  You honor him.  You should not treat sex as a tool to get what you want, but something that is mutual and fulfilling for both of you.

God does not condemn sex- He created it!!

 ”The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband.  The wife’s body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband.  In the same way, the husband’s body does not belong to him alone but also to his wife.”  I Corinthians 7:3-4

These are only three principles, there are many more! What would you add to the list? I would love to hear from you!

The ultimate goal for your marriage is the glory of God!!  What steps are you taking to create more intimacy inside your marriage?